Tourism Minister Theocharis: This June was better than last July in terms of arrivals

Halki Greek Theocharis

According to Tourism Minister Harry Theocharis June 2021 was much better than July 2020 in terms of tourist arrivals to Greece.

""This June is better - at least in arrivals - than last July," said the Tourism Minister.

"Our Green Certificate initiatives have persuaded the rest of Europe to make the right moves to open up tourism.

"We also took initiatives at the level of the World Tourism Organization, which were also recognised at European level.

"All the efforts we have made this year have put our country at the forefront, in the minds of all people.

"50% of the cruise that takes place in Europe this year takes place in our country."

Greek Tourism Minister Harry Theocharis.
Greek Tourism Minister Harry Theocharis.

The Tourism Minister stated that yesterday more than 10% of the people who entered Greece were checked, performing about 6,000 tests "and we did not find a single positive [case of COVID-19] at our borders."

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