Woman who put up Golden Dawn's Pappas at her house gets 30-month jail sentence

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A woman who harbored Golden Dawn member Christos Pappas, arrested on Thursday night, was sentenced to 30 months in jail by a court on Friday.

The 52-year-old woman claimed that Pappas, who went missing after being sentenced by a Greek court in October 2020 along with other leading members of Golden Dawn for forming a criminal organization, was not staying at her house but had only paid her a brief visit. Pappas was arrested at her house in the Zografou municipality of greater Athens.

The court did not accept mitigating circumstances but served a suspended sentence with the exception of three months, which she has to serve. She was released after the trial.

She said that she knew Pappas was being sought after the trial, and explained she had met him in 2017 through Golden Dawn events he addressed. He had paid her a few visits and knew the house, she claimed, and she did not recognize him at first because he was wearing a face mask and hat. She added that it did not occur to her to call authorities.

In sentencing her, the prosecutor called for a verdict against her without mitigating circumstances for failing to provide convincing evidence.

According to the police, they got a phone call tip at 20:00 on Thursday by a stranger saying that the woman was hiding the neo-Nazi. Pappas was the second in command at the criminal organization and has been incarcerated at Domokos jail.