No Vaccination, No Bouzoukia


Posidonio Music Hall in Elliniko is the first bouzoukia in Greece to ban unvaccinated people to their venue.

Last week the Greek government presented an outline for the operation of nightclubs and bouzoukia that will function either as a pure space for only vaccinated people or as a mixed space with both vaccinated and unvaccinated people welcome.

Nightclubs and bouzoukia are now required to register either as a pure or mixed space on a special online platform and they also need to carry out Covid safety procedures.

On his personal Facebook account Greek laiko-pop singer Panos Kiamos announced the following in a video in regards to Posidonio Music Hall where he will be performing as of July 16th 2021:

“You know where I am. I am in the heart of fun, at Posidonio. You know I love playing music. But in no way do I want to play around with the public health. That is why we decided that as of July 16th we are making Posidonio the first Covid free bouzoukia in Greece. My colleagues and I are waiting for you for safe nights without half measures. From July 16th at Posidonio, the masks are off”.


Watch his announcement below:

There has been mixed feedback and comments on Panos Kiamos’ Instagram and Facebook accounts after he posted this video. Some supporting him, but many not agreeing with this decision and leaving negative comments.

Nikos Vertis also returned to Yton The Music Show on Friday 2nd July 2021 for a limited number of shows during July. Premiere night was sold out with both vaccinated and unvaccinated people welcome.


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