Netflix new thriller ‘Beckett’ finds John David Washington on the run in Greece

‘Beckett’ trailer finds John David Washington on the run in Greece

The newest Netflix movie filmed entirely in Greece, ‘Beckett’

John David Washington’s trip to Greece gets interrupted by a conspiracy in the first Beckett trailer, a political thriller from a disciple of Luca Guadagnino that will come to Netflix on Aug. 13.

John David Washington (“Tenet”) stars in this taut thriller with Oscar winner Alicia Vikander and Boyd Holbrook (“Narcos”).

Washington stars as Beckett, an American tourist on vacation in Greece with his girlfriend (Alicia Vikander). After a car accident, Beckett finds himself entangled in a massive political conspiracy that makes him a target for assassination. He must avoid capture while unsure of who he can trust.

Joining Washington and Vikander in the cast are Boyd Holbrook (LoganThe Predator) and Vicky Krieps (Phantom Thread). Of course, in addition to a number of Greek actors taking on supporting roles, the country — between the ancient ruins and modern cities like Athens — looks to be a defining element of the film.