Greece Covid-19 measures for travel, places of entertainment as of Monday, July 5

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New measures against the spread of the novel coronavirus will apply as of Monday, July 5 for travel and at places of entertainment.

As of July 5, adults in Greece travelling to islands by ferry will have to display one of the following to board a ship:

- A certificate of vaccination, completed 14 days prior to the date of travel;

- A certificate of a negative PCR test for Covid-19 taken up to 72 hours before departure;

- A certificate of a negative rapid test taken in the previous 48 hours; or

- A certificate of immunity due to prior Covid-19 infection, which is issued 30 days after the first positive test for the disease and is valid for 180 days after that date.

Minors aged 12-17 are required to provide one of the above or, alternatively, a self-test performed 24 hours before the time of departure.

Passengers boarding ships to and from the islands must first fill in the Health Declaration Questionnaire included in Annex 1 of the Covid-19 case prevention and treatment measures in passenger ships, while are available at the website and the shipping ministry website Passengers must also carry identification documents (passport, ID card or other valid ID) for use when boarding, as the crew will be required to crosscheck identity against the health certificates shown.

Deputy Minister of Civil Protection & Crises Management Minister Nikos Hardalias recommended that anyone over 12 years old should do a self-test on their return journey. Different rules apply for those travelling daily or on a regular basis for reasons of work, or those travelling within their regional unit (Salamina-Athens, Rio-Antirrio, ferries to Evia etc).

Greece also updated the Covid-19 rules for domestic flights with effect from July 5, 2021 until 6:00 on July 12, 2021, according to an announcement by the Civil Aviation Authority.

As of Monday, passengers over 12 years old in Greece flying to or from the islands will have to display any of the following:

- A negative PCR diagnostic test taken up to 72 hours before departure

- A negative rapid test taken in the last 48 hours

- A certificate of prior infection

- A vaccination certificate


As regards public sector services, citizens will have to make an appointment to observe the necessary health measures.

Public transport will operate at a maximum capacity of 65 per cent while ensuring efficient passenger transport during rush hours.


Places of entertainment

For indoor cinemas (year-round operation), those attending screenings must display any of the following in order to enter

- a vaccination certificate

- a negative PCR test certificate is taken in the last 72 hours before the scheduled screening time

- a negative rapid test certificate to be done 48 hours before the scheduled screening time

- a self-test has to be done up to 24 hours before the scheduled screening time.

- certificate of immunity due to prior Covid-19 infection

For self-tests, a self-test declaration is issued by the platform where the test result is declared.


From July 2, the operation of open-air (outdoor) places of entertainment is permitted but restricted to 25 pct full capacity and entrance is restricted to those that can display the required health certificates.


No Vaccination, No Bouzoukia