Avgenakis: We expect a clearer position from FIFA and UEFA on the Skopje naming issue

uefa North Macedonia Skopje

Deputy Minister of Sports Lefteris Avgenakis pushed FIFA and UEFA on the issue of the name used by the football federation of North Macedonia in the Euro 2020 during his speech in Parliament.

At a special meeting of the parliamentary committee responsible for the future of Greek football, which was attended by representatives of FIFA and UEFA, Avgenakis said "We expected a clearer position from FIFA and UEFA on the naming issue of Skopje."

The reaction, however, came from SYRIZA with Thanos Moraitis expressing his dissatisfaction with the fact that the minister did not call the neighbouring country by its constitutional name but as Skopje.

"There are ministers who accept the Prespa agreement and talk about North Macedonia. There are others who talk about a 'neighbouring country' and there is also Mr. Avgenakis who talks about a "federation of Skopje," said the SYRIZA MP.

"The mockery must stop," he added.

On the other hand, the chairman of the Committee on Educational Affairs, Vassilis Digalakis, explained to the SYRIZA MP that "the upheaval was made by North Macedonia at the Euros."

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