Greek police bust huge marijuana plantation 


Greek police have busted a huge marijuana plantation yesterday and arrested the ringleaders   following a long term investigation. According to police reports, the plantation was located in mountainous Nafpaktia and supplied cannabis for the entire prefecture of Attica.

With assistance of drones for air surveillance, police successfully arrested three foreigners, two men, aged 41 and 43, and a 51yearold woman, all members of the criminal gang, while two more were identified and are wanted.

The 41 year old male suspect is said to be the leader, while the 43 year old was his deputy and caretaker of the plantation. The woman had provided the ‘farmers’ with food and other supplies.

According to authorities, it is estimated that the illegal income from the operation would amount to about 1,200,000 -1,500,000 euros. Total confiscated items:-585  hemp seedlings, height from 20 to 80 cm,crop development and water supply equipment,the amount of -3,925- euros;-2  vehicles;-9  mobile phone devices, and electronic precision scales.

All suspects were taken before the Public Prosecutor of Messolonghi.

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