“Uncontactable” Bill Papas suspected to be in Greece

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Forum Finance chief executive and soccer heavyweight Bill Papas, who is at the centre of an alleged $200 million fraud and has disappeared without a trace, is reportedly in Greece.

Mr Papas has not been seen or contactable since Westpac, Australia’s second largest bank, uncovered the alleged $200 million fraud around a month ago.

It was reported in the Greek media that Bill Papas intended to travel to Greece, to watch his club Xanthi FC play in a crucial play-off one day before a coincidental call between Westpac’s banker and its client WesTrac, which led to the finding of the alleged $200 million fraud.

Multiple Greek news outlets expose in reports from 25 May 2021 that Mr Papas was preparing to travel to Greece. Bill Papas took over Greek second division football club Xanthi FC in August 2020.

One article indicates Mr Papas, would be arriving in Greece on 28 May 2021, and would travel to the city of Agrinio to follow Xanthi FC play a significant play-off against Panetolikos on 30 May 2021.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and travel ban imposed by the Federal Government, Australians cannot leave the country unless they are granted an exemption. Australian citizens can apply for an exemption for a range of reasons, including if the travel is for business.

The Australian Border Force was contacted this week for comment.

The Australian Financial Review visited Mr Papas’ Rozelle house, however there was no answer at the door. The Australian Financial Review reported the blinds were drawn and the double carport was empty.

Mr Papas is yet to file a defense in response to Federal Court proceedings filed by Westpac against Forum Finance.