Greece to commence mandatory vaccination

Greece to commence mandatory vaccination 1

Greece is set to consider mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations  as of next week for healthcare personnel said Government spokesperson Antonia Peloni on Thursday during her regular press briefing. 

Peloni said that the government has ” got the relevant recommendation by the national bio-ethics committee regarding mandatory vaccinations for specific professional groups,” adding the announcement was to be made next week, although it is yet not clear if groups outside the health sector will also be considered for mandatory vaccination.

The governments decision comes following a spike of 75%  in infections last week largely attributed to the Delta variation of the virus.

It should be noted during a briefing earlier in the week Peloni stressed that it was important  to persuade even the most sceptical members of the population, those who might be waiting to first see the results of the vaccinations, to also make haste to get vaccinated, especially in light of the higher-risk Delta variant that was now gaining ground and appeared to be more infectious.

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