'Poseidon' spotted in waves smashing the British coast


The sighting of the "face" of the Ancient Greek God of Water, Poseidon (later known to the Romans as Neptune) was captured by BBC photographer Jeff Overs in Newhaven on Tuesday.

He took the picture as waves crashed over the harbour wall during the storm.

The "sighting of Poseidon" seems to be an example of pareidolia - when an image is seen in an otherwise random or ambiguous visual pattern.

Mr Overs said he took the photo at about 09:00 BST at high tide in winds of more than 50mph (80km/h).

"It's become a popular location for photographers because the sea 'boils' in high wind against the sea wall.

"The waves splash into the high wind and when blown back occasionally make patterns that look like (pareidolic) ghoulish faces."

He said the small wave in the foreground resembles a hand.

"It's a straight shot and I haven't manipulated the image at all," Mr Overs said.

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