Police officer accused of illegally detaining and pimping young girl (updated)

Greek police car rhodes

A police officer has been arrested on charges of pimping a young woman, now aged 19, and holding her prisoner. Also arrested was the girl’s father, after she told police that he had systematically and repeatedly raped her between the ages of 11 to 17.
The police officer, already suspended from duty in connection with another case, was arrested on Saturday afternoon after the girl came forward and reported that she had escaped from the house where he was holding her against her will and forcing her into prostitution.
The officer faces charges of bodily harm and human trafficking, intimidation, domestic violence and violations of weapons laws, while the 19-year-old’s father has been charged with rape and gun violations.
In a search of the police officer’s car and home, police found and confiscated a police ID that the suspect had reported stolen, the ID card of a private citizen that had also been reported stolen, three cell phones and SIM cards, a USB, three SD cards, a hard drive and camera.
In a search of the father’s home, police found and confiscated an air gun, night stick, knife and a mobile phone.
The medical examination of the 19-year-old has been ordered and an investigation is under way under the supervision of a public prosecutor.