OTD in 1907: Macedonian Struggle hero Kapetan Mitrousis dies fighting the Ottomans in a last stand

Kapetan Mitrousis

From Serres, Dimitrios Gogolakis (1880 - July 14, 1907) was a Macedonian Fighter and one of the most important figures of the Macedonian Struggle (1904-08).

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Using the pseudonym Kapetan Mitrousis, he was an outstanding leader, who did not hide his disdain for both the enemy Turks and Bulgarians, so much so, that both groups had demanded his head.

Μητρούσης Γκογκολάκης | History Of Macedonia

He is most famous for his final battle, where he and four men held up the entire Ottoman force of Serres (3,000 men).

Kapetan Mitrousis and his men fought all day long until the end.

Two were killed in action and another two were injured and captured, later to be hanged.

Meanwhile, Mitrousis who remained alone and was out of ammunition except for one last bullet, asked to negotiate terms.

When the Ottoman negotiator appeared, Mitrousis pulled out his gun and shot him in the head, before pulling out his knife and killing himself.

The village of Mitrousi in Serres was renamed in his honour.

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