Three babies being treated for COVID-19 in Greece

baby babies feet COVID-19

A baby in Crete and another in Patras are being treated for COVID-19 in hospital.

A newborn is being treated at the Intensive Care Unit at the Venizeleio Hospital in Crete as he was diagnosed with COVID-19.

The baby was transported to the hospital a few days ago with a fever and was immediately admitted to the neonatal ICU.

His health condition is quite good and he has been without a fever for the last two 24 hours, according to the Venizeleio Hospital.

It is noted that a 14-day-old infant is hospitalised in Patras after being diagnosed with COVID-19, while his transfer to hospital took place on Tuesday night when the PCR test was positive.

His condition is not a cause for concern to medical staff.

A 23-day-old infant with mild symptoms was also hospitalised in Patras.

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