Greece 2021: Georgios Soulios (1885 - July 15, 1927)

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Georgios Soulios (1885 - July 15, 1927)

From Korytsa in Northern Epirus, he was a Greek fighter of the early 20th century, participating in the Macedonian Struggle and the Northern Epirote Struggle.

During the Macedonian Struggle (1904-08), he mainly operated throughout Western Macedonia, which was close to his base in Korytsa.

During the Balkan Wars (1912-1913), Korytsa had come under the control of the Greek Army. But after a series of international treaties, it was awarded to the newly created Albanian state, like the rest of Northern Epirus.

During the struggle for Northern Epirus (1914), Soulios led the rebellion in Korytsa, where Autonomy was eventually granted to Northern Epirus, but during the chaos of WW1, foreign armies intervened and this was never fully implemented and Northern Epirus was eventually lost.

Soulios moved to live in Florina, where he died in 1927.