Greek army buys Serbian missiles

Serbian missiles

Arms manufacturers and developers EDePro and Green Power Turbine Systems were the only Serbian companies to take part in DEFEA 2021, this year’s largest arms and military equipment fair in southeastern Europe and is held in Athens.

EdePro has sold its G2000 missiles to the Greek army, TANJUB reported.

ZOKA on Twitter: "Greece has become another user of Serbian 122mm G2000  Rockets, after successful tests in May this year… "

In a joint appearance at the show, the two companies displayed the latest advances in rocket technology, missile guidance and steering, as well as turbojet propulsion.

“We are pleased to confirm the Greek army is a new user of our G2000 missile following its successful testing at the NAMFI range in Crete in May this year,” EDePro and Green Power Turbine Systems Director of Marketing and Sales Lazar Igrutinovic said.

“We are glad that Greece, one of the countries with the largest military budgets in this part of Europe, has decided in favour of a Serbian manufacturer,” he added.

The G2000 and G2000/52 missiles made their international debut at the Abu Dhabi IDEX arms fair in 2017.

122 mm ROCKET G 2000 | SDPR - Yugoimport

Upgraded with a new engine, the missiles boast a 40 km range, which is double that of the original Russian missile.

They are compatible and can be launched from the same system, such as the Russian BM-21 or the Slovakian RM-70.

Green Power Systems exhibited its range of turbo engines as the only manufacturer of such engines in the territory of the former Yugoslavia.

The TJE-200 turbojet engine, which is in series production, attracted particular attention.

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