Greek gov’t approves first 12 projects in ‘Greece 2.0’ plan

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“Greece 2.0” plan

The Greek government on Thursday approved the technical bulletins of the first 12 projects to be included in the “Greece 2.0” plan, worth 1.42 billion euros. The approval was given by Alternate Finance Minister Thodoros Skylakakis, who is responsible for the Recovery Fund. The projects cover infrastructure modernisation and digitalisation of records, enhancing systems for the digital support of citizens, improving the investment environment through a new land planning project, the northern section of the E65 national road and restoring parts of the Acropolis in Athens.
More specifically, the projects approved are:

1. Improving equipment at the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (12.2 million)
2. Reforming the fiscal system in central administration and the general government (GOV-ERP) (36.1 million).
3. Expanding and supporting a National Telecom’s Network (32.1 million).
4. Network upgrading with fiber optics for the GRNET network and all connected networks of academic and research groups in the country, schools, public hospitals and education (30.5 million).
5. Single Digital Infrastructure to offer digital services to citizens (69.4 million).
6. Internet services to offer G2G Web services through the platform (27.9 million).
7. Upgrading open data provision, the platform (5.5 million).
8. Construction of the E65 road network (the northern section with a length of 70.5 km) (480 million).
9. Digitization of land records (242.4 million).
10. Local city plans (345.2 million).
11. Restoring-maintenance of parts of the Acropolis in Athens (10 million).
12. Inclusion of a social digital programme for students (129.2 million).