Covid test mandatory for unvaccinated returning from Greek islands

Greece releases protocols for ferry travel

Unvaccinated travelers returning to mainland Greece from the islands will have to present a negative self-test or a rapid test in order to board a ferry, according to a joint ministerial decision issued on Friday.

The same rule applies for those using sea taxis.

The decision comes amid concerns that Greek and foreign tourists traveling to and from the islands are driving the spike in coronavirus infections.

To avoid delays in ferry schedules the Greek Coast Guard, which has been put in charge of checking that public health safety measures are being upheld at ports, is urging travelers to arrive at least an hour and a half ahead of their departure time.


Vaccination Covid-Pass: free of charge

PCR test: 60 euros

Rapid Test: 20 euros or free of charge at mobile units of EODY

Self-test: 6-7 euros (pharmacy)