Live in L0ckdown: Ft. Beats by Bongo Ang, Primo Percussionist

Bongo Ang

As l0ckdown restrictions are tightening across Australia's largest city of Sydney, Greek City Times presents to the world our 'Live in L0ckdown' series, streaming on in just two hours from now.

Our second episode features the toe-tapping bongo beats of world renowned percussionist, Bongo Ang.

The life of every party, Bongo Ang is set to rock the virtual stage just hours from now as he goes live Greek-style.


Bongo AngBongo Ang


Over his years as a much sought after performer, Ang has played at countless major sold out events, entertaining crowds over 2000 people strong.

The self-taught percussionist started playing at an early age, much to the angst of his Greek father who despite enjoying music was never historically a fan of the drums, asking Ang not to play in the house.

Nevertheless he continued his passion and couldn't help playing inside the family home against his dad's wishes.

Ang bought his first bongo at the age of 15, only to come home from school one day to find that his father had turned his prized possession into a pot plant for his beautifully blooming orchids.

"It makes a great vase for my flowers, but the only problem is, it's got a leak in it," said Bongo Ang's dad as he noticed the water seeping through the skin and pooling around the base of the drum which he had positioned next to the front door.

Days later, recognising his talent and the level of commitment towards his passion, Ang's dad replaced the bongo with a new one and the rest is history.

"'I've grown up loving Greek music - it's a part of me," says Ang.

"When I play in front of people I love that vibe, that energy that I bring to them - I love making people happy.

"It's in my blood."


Bongo Ang

Bongo Ang goes live today accompanied by a Greek mini-mix put together by entertainment entrepenuer Yianni Moutopoulos, owner of One Round Entertainment.

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