Protest at US Consulate in Thessaloniki in support of Cuba, American flag burned

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Thessalonians took to the streets outside the US Consulate to demonstrate in favour of the Cuban government.

Specifically, members of the Communist Party of Greece rallied in support of Havana in Thessaloniki outside of the US consulate.

Thessaloniki protest US Consulate Cuba
Sputnik/Fani Harisi.

Speakers stressed that "Cuba is not alone and will win."

While referring to the US, speakers denounced the "new imperialist plans against Cuba in order to overthrow its government."

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Sputnik/Fani Harisi.

The speakers highlighted the struggle Cuba has in dealing with the chronic blockade of the island, but despite this, still managed to cope and create its own vaccines against COVID-19.

They also mentioned Cuba's strong health system.

Immediately after the speeches, those gathered to protest burned the US flag.

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