Turkish letter to UN: Demands for Greek islands to be demilitarised

Turkey United Nations flags letter

Greece is not fulfilling its obligations under international agreements and is threatening peace and security in the region, according to a letter sent by Turkey to UN Secretary-General of the António Guterres.

"Greece's continuing deliberate and persistent material breach of the demilitarisation provisions of the Lausanne and Paris Peace Treaties, which are essential to the accomplishment of their object and purpose, constitutes a serious threat to the security of Turkey," the letter said.

"Equally importantly and given their escalatory nature, such breaches carry wider implications in terms of a threat to peace and security in the region

"Greece threatens Turkey's security with this behavior. These violations could escalate tensions, which will have consequences for peace and security in the wider region," the Turks added in their letter.

The Turkish letter claimed that violations "means that Greece cannot vis-à-vis Turkey, rely on its title under the same treaties for the purpose of a maritime boundary delimitation."

"This is because Greece, having failed to fulfill its obligations under the treaties, cannot at the same time be recognised as retaining the rights which it claims to derive from them," it said.

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