Erdoğan's visit to the occupied territories: Turkish-speaking Cypriots turn their back on him

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

As of yesterday, Turkish and Turkish-Cypriot media have been leaking information about the intentions of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, suggesting an announcement that Azerbaijan would recognise occupied Northern Cyprus as an independent state.

Delegations from Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan are also in the occupied territories.

Erdoğan may call on Greek Cypriot property owners in the besieged city of Famagusta (Varosi) to return to their homes by applying to the pseudo-state "property committee".

Such a possibility worries the Cypriot government as hundreds of Greek Cypriot refugees want to return to their homes, even under Turkish Cypriot rule, even asking for assistance from the Republic of Cyprus, as had been done with the Maronite refugees who returned to occupied Kormakitis.

The Government of the Republic of Cyprus has asked refugees to be patient and has called on them to avoid playing the Turkish games in Famagusta.

The pseudo-state has already begun work to open the city, which has been closed as a military area since Turkey's invasion of the city in August 1974.

In fact, interventions are made in historic buildings, such as the Greek High School of Famagusta, from which the Greek inscription was removed so that it does not resemble the real owners of the city.

Also, all the street signs that were in Greek have been removed and access to the beach has been opened for use.

Although Turkey's moves violate UN resolutions on Famagusta, the reactions of the UN and EU Secretary General could be described as lukewarm to indifferent.

Nicosia has warned that it will be forced to use its veto power in the EU on issues concerning Turkey, and recourse to the UN Security Council is not ruled out.

Information also from Turkish Cypriot and Turkish sources claim that the Turkish President will make announcements in relation to the illegal investigations carried out by Turkish research vessels and drilling rigs in Cypriot sea areas.

Erdoğan's other announcements appear to be related to the creation of a naval and air base for armed drones.

Turkey has expressed these intentions for a long time, provoking the reaction of Turkish-speaking Cypriots as well, since there are already more than 40,000 Turkish soldiers in the occupied territories.

The Republican Turkish Party and the pseudo-state Social Justice Party have decided to boycott Erdoğan's visit and today they will not attend his speech in the so-called "parliament".

The move angered the leader of Turkish-speaking Cypriots, Ersin Tatar, who called it a "historic betrayal" and said those who made the decision were in co-operation with the Republic of Cyprus.

Erdoğan, accompanied by a large delegation, will attend the military parade and events marking the anniversary of the 1974 invasion, and will inaugurate various Turkish-funded projects.

At the same time in the free areas of Cyprus, memorials will be held tomorrow for the victims of the invasion, while at 5:00 in the morning, when the invasion began, sirens will sound.

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