FILIO PIRGAKI: A legend of Greek folk music passes away at 82


Greece’s lost legendary singer Filio Pyrgaki who passed away at the age of 82 (17/7/21) as reported yesterday in the Greek media.

Pyrgaki was one of the great voices of traditional folk music (δημοτικά) with a career spanning some 70 years with performances across the world from America and Canada to Australia and Scandinavia.

Filio Pyrgaki was born in Asprokampos, Sikyonia, Corinth, on October 11, 1939 and began singing at the age of 14. She collaborated with the record company Columbia through which she released more than 200 records. Her first, “I got bored of my youth”, was in 1967 with music and lyrics by Kostas Kontogiorgis, who had included her in his orchestra.

She  served traditional folk music (δημοτικά)  with love and devotion until the end of her life.


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