Dendias: Israel’s stance against Turkish aggressiveness is clear

Nikos Dendias Israel

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias and his Israeli counterpart Yair Lapid discussed Turkey’s aggressive stance on the Cyprus issue during their meeting in Israel on Wednesday.

Dendias in statements made to the press at the end of the meeting thanked Lapid for Israel’s position and the “possibility of direct understanding between Greece and Israel on the enforcement of the international legality in the region of eastern Mediterranean”.

The Greek Minister noted that he had a “long and interesting discussion” with his Israeli counterpart “which reaffirmed Greece and Israel’s strategic relation.”

“I had the opportunity to present the Greek views” he noted, and clarified that “Greece always supports the international law and the two-state solution for the Palestinian issue as well as Israel’s right of self defence.”

Dendias also said that they discussed the Turkish aggressiveness and the unacceptable Turkish stance on the Cyprus issue.

“I thanked him for the clear Israeli position and for the possibility of direct understanding between Greece and Israel for the enforcement of the international law in the eastern Mediterranean,” the Greek Foreign Minister added.

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