Live on Air with 1683am Greek Radio: Dr Nicholas Lelos

Dr Lelos Live 1683am
Listen to Dr Nicholas J Lelos live on air as a special guest with 1683am Greek Radio.
Dr Lelos answers direct questions regarding COVID-19, clarifying the many myths and theories surrounding vaccination and the virus currently that are currently circulating.
1683am Greek Radio is a Hellenic Radio Station that broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  1683am hosts the interview with Dr Lelos in Greek for the benefit of its non-English speaking community audience.
Dr Lelos was a trained scientist before entering medicine. He has made a public declaration that he has no vested interests in tonight’s interview and receives no money or endorsements from institutions or big pharma.
Listen to the programme here:
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About Radio 1683am

The priority of Radio 1683am is the Hellenic Australian Omogenia, its goal is to communicate and to strengthen the relationship among the Hellenic Australians of the Diaspora, with the preservation and the development of the Hellenic language and its culture, with the ethos the visibility and the dissemination of the Hellenic culture.

About Dr. Nicholas J Lelos

Twitter @DrLelos

LinkedIn: Nicholas Jason Lelos

Medium: doctorlelos

Dr Lelos
Dr Nicholas Jason Lelos is an American-born doctor of Greek descent, currently residing in Australia, Darwin.
Completing all of his schooling in the French system, Dr. Lelos initially trained as a neuroscientist at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, and a recipient of a prestigious NATO Fellowship from the Greek government for his work in neuroendocrinology.
Having secured a NHS bursary, he proceeded to study and complete a medicine degree at St George University of London, one of the leading medical establishments of the UK.
He continued to work in London as an internal medicine doctor, with his final rotations being at the world-renowned cancer hospital, the Royal Marsden, having also worked rotations in surgery and general practice.
Dr. Lelos was also a trade union representative with the British Medical Association and was a national representative both as a medical student as well as a junior doctor to the Representative body of the organisation.
The next logical step from the experience gathered in this role was to apply and becoming a Medical Practitioner Tribunal Service Panellist with the General Medical Association, the regulatory body of medical practitioners in the UK, both as a Fitness to Practice as well as an Interim Order Panellist, having to adjudicate and determine medicolegal matters pertaining medical practice of peers.
Being a lover of education and learning, he was engaged at running problem-based learning tutorials and being an examiner for his medical school as well as doing a post-graduate degree in Medical Education with University College of London and the Royal College of Physicians.
He also worked as a Viral Challenge Physician in a research capacity for a company called Retroviral, which specialised in the inoculation of quarantined volunteers with the prospect of running tight, rigorous and scientifically sound clinical trials of medications and treatments for viral infections for universities, research groups or private companies.
Having moved over to Australia, he continues to teach at University of Notre Dame, shaping the medical minds of the future, whilst also retraining in Emergency Medicine in South Western Sydney, namely Bankstown, Liverpool and Royal Prince Alfred Hospitals, before moving for a stint to the Canberra Hospital and now currently based at the Royal Darwin Hospital in the Northern Territory.
Representing his peers, he was elected New South Wales representative for his trainee peers in Emergency Medicine, before being chosen as the Trainee Representative Chair for the College of Emergency Medicine until the end of 2019, a role which he pursued vigorously having to travel across Australia and interact with multiple Emergency doctors and departments.
He is still involved in the College, working on reformulating the curriculum and providing better educational material for training.

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