Archaeological Museum of Delphi now digitally accessible for the visually and hearing impaired

Archaeological Museum of Delphi

The Archaeological Museum of Delphi is becoming accessible for people with hearing and vision problems, through a digital virtual tour, according to an announcement by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

"Its application has already started, not only with printed material in Braille and signs, but also with the program of tactile tour and visit with a special electric vehicle for people with reduced mobility," said the Ministry of Culture.

The project includes the design and implementation of a digital virtual tour in the permanent exhibition of the Museum, even with the use of a QR Code recognition application in selected exhibits for mobile phones/tablets.

Archaeological Museum of Delphi - Phocis | Terrabook

Also, the production of short videos in Greek and English sign language, the creation of three-dimensional models of small exhibits, which the user can rotate or enlarge, as well as the possibility of access to additional interpretive material, such as images, textual information and links.

In this way, physical and digital visitors will have the opportunity to explore in various ways the statue of Eniochos, the twin Kouros of Argos, the Sphinx of Naxia and the other emblematic exhibits of the Archaeological Museum of Delphi.

Sphinx der Naxier – Wikipedia

The applications comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) so that their content is accessible to deaf people, as well as to a wide range of people with visual or speech impairments.

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