New cash incentives to doctors and pharmacists to persuade citizens to get vaccinated

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Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias on Friday gave new incentives to doctors and pharmacists in order to persuade as much as possible citizens to get vaccinated.

Speaking to Open TV, Kikilias said that the pharmacists and the doctors will get 10 euros when they book a vaccination appointment.

COVID-19 vaccine vaccination greece

He also added that doctors that will vaccinate patients at their office is increased from 3 to 20 euros while those who will vaccinate bedridden patients will receive 50 euros.

"The government has trust in the health personnel and calls on all our compatriots to get vaccinated as the Delta variant is aggressive and spreads easily," he said.

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Finally, he underlined that the Church stands by the government and characterised its stance bold and clear in favour of the vaccination.

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