No European Membership for Turkey says Germany


There are no prospects of Turkey becoming a full member of the European Union said German Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday in response to recent Turkish provocations on the island of Cyprus.

"I did not see and still do not see a Turkish accession to the European Union," said Merkel noting that she is making every effort to have good relations with Ankara.

"That is why I was in favour of - as agreed in the EU-Turkey Refugee Agreement - starting negotiations on a Customs Union with Turkey instead and we had instructed the Commission to work in this context," she added.

Responding to questions  about Turkey's accession prospects in conjunction with the refugee agreement, also referred to the recent European Council decision on further financial support for Turkey, the Chancellor said:

"At the last European Council we decided to give another 3 billion euros to Turkey to support its work with refugees. And it is on these issues that I am talking to Mr Erdogan. "I do not think we should use the refugees as a political tool, they are people," she said.

She concluded by expressing her wish that the EU-Turkey Agreement be further developed, as, "this is the best for the people."

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