Live in L0ckdown: Ft. the Sultry Sounds of Tina Kokkalis

Tina Kokkalis

As l0ckdown restrictions continue in some major cities across the world, Greek City Times presents our 'Live in L0ckdown' series, streaming on just hours from now.

Our third episode features the sultry sounds of celebrated songstress Tina Kokkalis.

Tina Kokkalis


Tina Kokkalis is a celebrated performer, appearing in front of thousands as a support act for some of Greece’s most prominent singers, including Pashalis Terzis and Dimitris Basis.

A versatile singer, Tina has performed various styles of Greek music over the years and different shows from modern Greek pop at club-style events; to laika and dimotika at various other functions and ‘horous.’

For Tina Kokkalis, music has been a part of her life from a young age. She grew up listening to the likes of Despina Vandi, Elena Paparizou, Anna Zissi and Natasa Theodoridou.

After meeting some musicians through a local singing competition, Tina was asked to take part in a local Greek night. Her very first gig was called “Grecia Live”.

In 2005, Tina was given the opportunity to audition for “Dreamshow – The Music”, for which the live auditions took place in Greece.

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Tina Kokkalis


“From rock, pop, RnB, hip hop – I appreciate and listen to it all – often depending on my mood at the time.

“That’s the beautiful thing about music – there is a song or melody for every mood, feeling or experience,” says Tina.

In addition to Pashalis Terzis and Dimitris Basis, Tina has also worked with many notable artists including Nikos Vertis, Giorgos Mazonakis, Thanos Petrelis, and Stan Antipariotis.


Tina Kokkalis


“Singing for me is a form of expression and music often captures a feeling or emotion that I find can otherwise be hard to articulate," says Tina.

“It’s almost like escaping to another world and going on a magical ride for a while.

“My heart is always racing before I get on stage, and then once the music starts, everything fades away.”

bouzouki Thanassis Tina Kokkalis


Tina performs today accompanied by accomplished Thanasis Pylarinos on boukouki and guitar.

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Instagram page: @bouzoukientertainment_thanasis

Tina Kokkalis

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