Lifestyle Activities at St. Basil’s Homes NSW/ACT During Lockdown Keep our Elderly Smiling

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Lockdown restrictions have been extended in Greater Sydney as case numbers of coronavirus continue to grow.

The stay-at-home orders are currently scheduled to end on 30 July.

At such times, concern for our elderly is understandably heightened across the community, with aged care services on high alert to ensure the protection of the elderly under their care.

At St. Basil’s Homes NSW/ACT, the commitment to safeguard the residents’ safety as well as their physical and mental wellbeing is the number one priority.

St Basil’s Homes NSW/ACT continues to keep its residents active during these times of social distancing whilst at the same time adhering to all of the government COVID-19 restrictions.

The leafy courtyards in all of the St. Basil’s Homes NSW/ACT provide the perfect sanctuary for residents to relax and socialise with fellow residents.

At the same time, St. Basil’s Homes NSW/ACT continues to plan its Lifestyles Activities programme in accordance with its residents’ hobbies and interests.

St. Basil’s Homes NSW/ACT continues to celebrate its residents' birthdays and provide them with creative activities such as art and craft, cooking classes, bingo games, and more.

The caring staff of St. Basil’s NSW/ACT ensure that the continued contact of residents with their family and friends through phones, iPads or tablets.

St. Basil's

Staff are encouraging more families to use Skype, video conferencing or FaceTime to maintain as much ‘face-to-face’ contact as possible or to record messages that can be re-played to their loved ones.

Whether talking, having a good laugh together or sharing a cup of tea and ensuring that the residents are comfortable, the Customer Service Officers of St Basil’s Homes spend quality time with the residents each and every day.

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