The New Fragrant Garden of Athens

fragrant garden Athens

A new “pocket park” has been created in the neighbourhood of Sepolia, Athens.

A total of 190 aromatic plants and shrubs have been planted by the Municipality of Athens including lavender, rosemary, myrtle and thyme.

“A previously abandoned space on Dramas street has been transformed into a lavender garden,” an announcement by the Municipality read.

fragrant garden Athens

The design and construction of the bioclimatic pocket park of Sepolia, was carried out based on the principles of sustainable development and the circular economy.

Landscaping of the new environmentally-friendly fragrant garden has been thoughtfully carried out using materials are made of recycled wood and other natural materials.

This includes the installation of a solar powered lighting system, designed to reduce light pollution.

The park’s new lighting system will cleverly illuminate the area by 100 percent during the early night hours; operating at 80 percent during the next four hours; and then at 25 percent of their efficiency, as safety lighting until the morning.

In addition, the paths of the park have been paved with gravel in order to effectively retain rainwater.

fragrant garden Athens

The City of Athens has also preserved a mural previously created in the park by artist Fikos.

With the aim of environmental decongestion in the neighbourhood of Sepolia, this is Athens’ fifth pocket park, and was created in Sepolia in cooperation with P&G and Organization Earth.

Organization Earth is a Greek non-profit, non-governmental organisation (NGO) founded in 2010.

Its mission is to establish the concept of Sustainable Development by introducing key sustainability issues into everyday life.

fragrant garden Athens

fragrant garden Athens

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