Ersin Tatar: We will compensate Turkish Cypriots with Greek Cypriot property

Ersin Tatar

Leader of Turkish-speaking Cypriots, Ersin Tatar, stated in a statement that Turkish-speaking Cypriots who left their property in the Republic of Cyprus during the invasion Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, have the right to receive property belonging to Greek Cypriots in the occupied areas.

It should be noted that in 1974 the Turkish Cypriots were not expelled from their property but chose to abandon it and move to the Turkish-occupied areas.

The properties they left in the free territories of the Republic of Cyprus areas belong to and are managed by the Ministry of Interior and have not been granted to Greek Cypriots.

Even the Turkish names on the streets where they lived remained the same, while their houses were maintained at the expense of the Republic of Cyprus.

Tatar also claimed that the "laws" and the "constitution" of the pseudo-state give the right to hand over Greek Cypriot property to the Turkish Cypriots who moved to the occupied territories.

In simple words, they keep their property in the free areas and usurp the property of Greek Cypriots in the occupied areas.

The compensation committee, Tatar said, is recognised by international law and includes foreign judges, adding that it has an important purpose of examining applications.

This, Tatar said, will be known when "we open Varosha."

Tatar said that with Turkish support "we have taken some initiatives. And as we said in Varosha, those who have legal property rights should contact the committee."

According to the Turkish Cypriot leader, 3.5% of Varosha will be placed under political rule, and "former residents", ie. Greek Cypriot refugees, will have the right to settle.

He added that the process of opening the area continues, despite being in violation of United Nations Security Council Resolutions.

According to the Turkish-speaking Cypriot leader, the proposal for the creation of two separate sovereign and equal states in Cyprus, which has the support of only Turkey, and which was put on the table in Geneva like the Varosha initiative, continues to have great global impact.

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