Greece, Cyprus reject Turkish agenda for occupied island


Greece and Cyprus have rejected Turkey's ambitions for a two-state solution for the divided island following recent proclamations  by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who fancies himself as the 'saviour' of Turkish-Cypriots in the occupied north.

Following their meeting yesterday at Maximos Mansion in Athens, Prime Minister and President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades issued a join statement condemning  "the new Turkish illegal actions in Cyprus, as they undermine the efforts of the UN Secretary General for the resumption of negotiations on the Cyprus issue, and also undermine the prospects for actually resolving the Cyprus issue."

Mitsotakis pointed out that Turkish claims for equal international status and sovereign equality of the illegal separatist entity in the occupied part of Cyprus, and the solution of two separate states are unacceptable, contrary to International Law, contrary to the decisions of the United Nations Security Council, and are rejected in principle.

President Anastasiades pointed up that "it is inconceivable for anyone to expect that the Greek-Cypriot side can accept the creation of an independent state, fully controlled by Turkey," he stressed, "or expect it could be tolerated by either the United Nations or the EU."

"The purpose of our coordination," he added in reference to joint moves by Greece and Cyprus, "is to focus on the actions that we will undertake in view of the new demand by Turkey and by the Turkish Cypriot leadership for the change of the basis of the solution to the Cyprus issue with the recognition of sovereignty in the illegal subordinate formation by Turkey."

Furthermore, Greece and Cyprus "agreed to intensify efforts to create, as soon as possible, those conditions that will allow the UN Secretary General to convene a new session on the Cyprus issue with substantial dialogue, so that we can reach a viable operational solution, that will finally allow us to live peacefully with our compatriots, far and beyond from guarantees or dependencies."


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