Greece’s letter to UN: Turkish unilateral accusations about the militarisation of islands completely unfounded

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Greece’s Permanent Representative to the UN has sent a letter to the UN Secretary-General underlining that Turkey’s unilateral accusations about the militarisation of Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean islands and the connection of this to Greek sovereignty are entirely unfounded, unsupported, as well as legally and historically incorrect, diplomatic sources said on Tuesday.

Furthermore, sources pointed out; it is emphasised that all the arguments contained in a relevant letter by the Turkish Permanent Representative sent to the UN Secretary-General a few days ago are also rejected, apart from the fact that it is legally and practically unfounded, it is also arbitrary.

Sources also stated that the Greek Permanent Representative’s letter deconstructs the Turkish argument, and at the same time, describes in detail Turkey’s illegal and provocative behaviour in the broader region, starting with the casus belli.