President Sakellaropoulou receives Greek, Cypriot and Egyptian students

Katerina Sakellaropoulou

President Katerina Sakellaropoulou received on Thursday a group of Greek, Cypriot and Egyptian students from abroad, in the framework of the "NOSTOS" programme of the tripartite cooperation Greece-Cyprus-Egypt.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Foreign Minister Konstantinos Vlasis, the Commissioner of the Cyprus Presidency in charge of Humanitarian Affairs and Overseas Affairs Fotis Fotiou, the Secretary General of Greeks Abroad and Public Diplomacy Ioannis Chrysoulakis and Mohamed El-Ghazawy, deputy consul at the Egyptian Embassy.

During her greeting, Sakellaropoulou, underlined that "July has been a month of mourning and pain for Cyprus and Greece for 47 years."

"The Turkish invasion and occupation that divided the island is still a reality. But we reassure you that Greece will never abandon the struggle for Cyprus until the final vindication.

"Cyprus has become an independent Republic, with a brilliant course in the international community.

"Greece, Cyprus and Egypt share the same commitment to respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the states in the region. The stated goal of all three countries is to ensure peace and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean.

"To this end, we cooperate both with each other and within the framework of international organisations."

Addressing the expatriate Greek students, she underlined that in their face, she first sees the innumerable young Greek men and women abroad, who keep the flame of the homeland in their hearts and souls, as well as all those who represent them worthily, participating in the effort to preserve the language, the customs and the traditions of Greece, which they never forget.

Sakellaropoulou also addressed a special welcome to the students from Cyprus and Egypt, reminding them that we are united by common cultural values and excellent diplomatic and friendly relations.

"We never forget the large and prosperous Egyptian community, in which the Greek element played a leading role in social, economic, religious, cultural and artistic life," Sakellaropoulou said.

"We especially honor the presence of the Patriarchate of Alexandria and its contribution to the vast African continent.

"I know that you had the opportunity to meet a few days ago with His Beatitude the Patriarch of Alexandria Mr. Theodoros and to take a tour of this historic city.

"I imagine that this experience was very instructive."

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