Mitarachi: We entered Turkish waters to save migrants from a wreck

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Turkey was blamed by Minister of Immigration and Asylum Notis Mitarachi for a shipwreck in the sea area between northern Lesvos and Turkish coasts on Friday morning.

The minister clarified the incident after receiving a question from KKE MP Maria Komninaka.

He noted that the Greek Coast Guard had to enter Turkish waters to rescue the occupants of the boat.

Notis Mitarachi
Notis Mitarachi.

"Turkey this morning allowed a boat with 13 people to depart from its shores in violation of its obligations," Mitarachi said.

"They did not rescue them in Turkish waters and the Greek Coast Guard was forced to enter Turkish waters to rescue ten people. Three more are missing.

"By the time I entered Parliament, I had no information that Turkey had responded to the calls."

It is recalled that three people are missing from the shipwreck while ten have been rescued.

The nationality of the rescued people is not yet known.

The search and rescue operation was carried out with the assistance of Coast Guard and Frontex vessels. A Super Puma helicopter and aircraft also helped.

Turkish authorities were also informed about the incident.

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