Cihat Yaycı claims Greece ordered the Kurds to start forest fires in Turkey

retired Rear Admiral Cihat Yaycı

Retired Rear Admiral Cihat Yaycı claimed on TVNET live broadcast that the forest fires devastating Turkey were not caused by coincidence or negligence, but rather cooperation between Greece and the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

Noting that the places where the fire broke out were the most fertile lands in the country, Yaycı said "The fire in these regions was not caused by accident or by any negligence, there is an intention here. The state is facing serious Greek-PKK terror."

Of course, the retired admiral provided no evidence to his claims.

The death toll from wildfires on Turkey's southern coast has risen to four and firefighters were battling blazes for a third day on Friday after the evacuation of dozens of villages and some hotels.

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