Ion Dragoumis (September 14, 1878 - July 31, 1920)

Ion Dragoumis

Born in Athens but with family roots in Kastoria, Macedonia, he was a writer, diplomat and politician. He was a key figure in the Macedonian Committee, who’s main goal was the liberation of Macedonia. Dragoumis played an integral part in organising the Macedonian Struggle (1904-08).

He used his position as the Greek Consul of Monastiri to rally the Greeks there, realising that it was time to act in a more efficient way. He backed Greek opposition, to combat the Bulgarian propaganda and aggression inside Macedonia.

Dragoumis was instrumental in persuading the Greek government, that they should become more engaged and do more for the Greeks in Macedonia, he was also influential in the financial organisation and raising money for the war effort.

A staunch patriot, Dragoumis was a prominent supporter of the Megali Idea, envisioning a Greece in which all the Greeks would be liberated and could live together, united and free.

Following the Macedonian Struggle and Macedonia’s liberation following the Balkan Wars (1912-13), he became an elected politician representing Florina.

His assassination in 1920, deprived Greece of one of its most valuable statesmen, politicians and most dedicated patriots.

“Να ξέρετε πως, αν τρέξουμε και σώσουμε τη Μακεδονία, η Μακεδονία θα μας σώσει.
Θα μας σώσει από τη βρώμα όπου κυλιόμαστε,
θα μας σώσει από τη μετριότητα κι από την ψοφιοσύνη,
θα μας λυτρώσει από τον αισχρό τον ύπνο,
θα μας ελευθερώσει.
Αν τρέξουμε να σώσουμε τη Μακεδονία, εμείς θα σωθούμε”.