SENSE: Athens' Magical Rooftop Restaurant

SENSE Athens rooftop restaurant

It's a view that takes your breath away.

The Acropolis of Athens, in all of its ancient glory and its monuments - universal symbols of the classical spirit and civilisation and form the greatest architectural and artistic complex bequeathed by Greek antiquity to the world.

So close you could almost touch them from SENSE Athens, a romantic rooftop restaurant.

SENSE is located at the most prestigious spot in Athens, on the spectacular 7th-floor rooftop of AthensWas Design Hotel, in the heart of the historical city and on the entrance of the main road that leads to the famed Acropolis Hill.

Undeniably among the best rooftop restaurants in Athens, combining incredible panoramic views of the city with delectable dishes, the quality of the ingredients used, the cooking approach and the artistry of the flavours, have all accumulated in the crowning of SENSE with a MICHELIN Plate award and also just recently with a Greek Cuisine Award on July 14.

SENSE Athens rooftop restaurants

SENSE Athens rooftop restaurants

Dining on Modern Greek Cuisine with a Magical Ancient View

At the rooftop bar, you can enjoy signature cocktails and a panoramic view of the most iconic Athens landmarks.

Boasting two beautiful dining areas, one indoors and one outdoors for an alfresco dining experience, the ambience is soothing while the views are enchanting.

The exterior seating area enveloped by a verdant herb garden exudes the freshness of discrete fragrances, and climbing vines complete the picture of your immediate surroundings.

The imposing Acropolis is the background to which you will raise your glass of fine wine or signature cocktail and toast to one of the most fantastic rooftop experiences you will ever have.

From the interiors, you can soak in the ambience of amazement created by the elegant environment and get a glimpse of the open kitchen section and preparation aisle where Chef Charalambopoulos sets all the plates and gives them the final creative touches.

SENSE Restaurant, an exquisite Athens rooftop restaurant with an Acropolis view, invites its guests to explore the creative realms of classic Greek gastronomy in a simply awe-inspiring setting.

SENSE Athens rooftop restaurants

SENSE Athens rooftop restaurants

SENSE Athens rooftop restaurants


A Culinary Voyage through Greece with Executive Chef Alexandros Charalabopoulos

Bold tastes, artistic appearance and profound love for the Greek culinary tradition compose the orchestration of the absolute fine dining symphony offered by SENSE Restaurants.

Any chef in the world would tell you that this view as a backdrop alone is hard to compete with, but Executive Chef Alexandros Charalabopoulos also knows precisely how to put together the right ingredients for a perfect evening.

Treasured Greek flavours are elevated to unknown levels of fine dining through Charalambopoulos’ profound love and diversified skills.

SENSE Athens Rooftop restaurant

SENSE Athens Rooftop restaurant

SENSE Athens Rooftop restaurant

Charalabopoulos has a passion for discovering the traditional recipes of every place and the local products from every corner of Greece and making use of all that knowledge in his dishes.

For the creative chef, using local and fresh produce is not just a passing trend but a mandatory option for his recipes. Furthermore, using herbs sourced from the restaurant's own organic herb garden, is something rare to find at Athens city centre.

While the menu is ever-changing, the main inspiration is driven by his childhood memories and the quality products of the Greek land – for Charalabopoulos food is about history, memories and the sense of home and hospitality.

SENSE Athens rooftop restaurant Alexandros Charalambopoulos

Speaking to Athens Taste Festivals, he says: "I think I represent the Greek cuisine, as we call it, modern or creative, because I have intense childhood experiences, specific tastes in my mind. All my summers as a child I spent in the villages of my parents in mountainous Messinia and Tzoumerka in Epirus.

"My grandmothers cooked in wood ovens, had their own pots and animals, so I have memories of the real flavours. From the right tomato, my own milk, the fresh eggs, from the milk mug that my grandmother made and cooked in the woods.

"With these memories, I am now entering the process of making a dish that brings back the memory of those first tastes."

No wonder all of his menus start with fresh and homemade sourdough bread accompanied by extra virgin olive oil, curated by the executive chef himself.

Pivoting back to the traditional Greek cooking but with a constant eye on the future, the menu at SENSE celebrates authentic Greek recipes interpreted into refined, fine-dining dishes.

Chef Alexandros Charalambopoulos and his team have devised an utmostly creative menu that focuses on original, inspired Greek combinations with a modern approach and a twist of refinement.

A profound love for Greek gastronomy, commitment to the best ingredients and dedication that comes with experience are the foundations upon which the menu of SENSE Restaurant was built.

SENSE Athens Rooftop restaurant

SENSE Athens Rooftop restaurant

With a selection of signature cocktails and an exemplar list of wine appellations, SENSE Restaurant is also a place to enjoy a drink or two with astonishing Acropolis views magnificently draping the background.

The restaurant sommelier is on hand to help spruce up your knowledge of Greek and international wines, or there are numerous inspired cocktails designed to elevate your evening even further.

SENSE Athens rooftop restaurants

SENSE Athens rooftop restaurants

SENSE Athens rooftop restaurants

SENSE Athens is one of two SENSE restaurants

Both SENSE restaurants feature the best of the season's ingredients interpreted into fascinating dishes while located at magical spots, strategically set within the premises of two 5 star hotels.

Whilst SENSE Athens is positioned in the heart of Athens, SEA SENSE can be found on the charming Folegandros Island.

SEA SENSE Folegandros

SEA SENSE in Folegandros is your go-to place for a sophisticated dining experience in Folegandros.

At SEA SENSE the freshest ingredients of the land and the sea are brought to you at a majestic location with endless sea views.

Executive chef Alexandros Charalabopoulos has crafted a menu that is best enjoyed in the serene ambience of Anemi Hotel pool, while resident chef Dimitis Charitidis brings his creativity and straightforward approach to the dishes.

The menu at SEA SENSE is said to be inspired by the Cycladic honesty and the simplistic way of life on the Cyclades islands.

Genuine dishes with products from all over Greece pay homage to the traditional cuisine in an elegant and refined way.

With the sea breeze, the great wine and great food perfectly elevated by the sophisticated atmosphere, SEA SENSE provides dinners with a stunning combination of luxury and laid back, enveloped by the Aegean Sea.

SENSE Athens rooftop restaurants

SENSE Athens rooftop restaurants

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