Historic high temperature of 46.3C recorded in Phthiotis, Central Greece

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The heatwave gripping Greece until the end of the week showed temperatures rising to over 40C (104F) at 143 recording stations of the National Observatory of Athens, and to over 43C (109.4F) at 22 stations.

The highest temperature registered was 46.3C (115.34F) at Makrakomi in Phthiotis, on the eastern seaboard of mainland Greece.

Extreme heat were also recorded as follows:

- Dendra, Tyrnavos (NW of Larissa), 45C (113F)

- Larissa, 44.9C (112.82F)

- Sparta, 44.7C (112.46F)

- Lefkohori, Phthiotida, 44.4C (111.92F) and

- Thebes, 44.2C (11.56F)

The extreme weather will continue on Tuesday, expected to reach a maximum of 44C-45C, while high overnight temperatures will create discomfort for city dwellers.

Winds will be northwesterly, registering up to 6 on the Beaufort scale.

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