Turkey is on fire but Defence Minister Akar continues provocations against Greece

Turkey fire

Turkey may be on fire and fighting hard to put out dozens of deadly fires in the country, but Defense Minister Hulusi Akar once again seized the opportunity to verbally attack Greece, accusing it of continuing "provocations and aggressive rhetoric."

During a teleconference with the participation of Chief of General Staff General Yaşar Güler, Army, Air Force and Navy chiefs and other officials, where developments in the Eastern Mediterranean were also discussed, Akar once again attacked Greece.

What caught his anger was a recent interview the Greek Minister Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias had with Proto Thema, in which he highlighted Turkey is "getting a divorce from international law".

Once more, the Turkish Minister of Defense presented his country as "wronged", referring to as usual to Turkey's supposed adherence to International Law, something rejected recently by the UN Security Council in relation to Cyprus.

Hulusi Akar
Hulusi Akar.

"Unfortunately, Greece continues the challenges and the aggressive rhetoric, which we believe will be abandoned as soon as possible," he said.

"As we continue our fight against fire disaster, we have a neighbour who continues to use the language of threats and sanctions against Turkey, Akar claimed, adding: "Turkey is in favour of international law and good neighbourly relations."

The Turkish Minister of Defense claimed he was in favor of resolving problems with Greece through political solutions and dialogue in peaceful ways.

"We are very honest about that. We want our Greek neighbours to understand that," he said, but continued to accuse Greece of "provocations, illegal actions and aggressive rhetoric."

He reiterated that Turkey is not going to relinquish its rights in the Eastern Mediterranean, which it will defend by any means.

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