Attica: Electricity supply restored after network disruptions from fires

fires attica grid

Eletricity supply has been restored following disruptions yesterday due to the ongoing fires in Attica, said authorities.

The network is improved today as the circuits of the Transmission System that had gone out due to the fire were put back into operation. This is the double circuit of high voltage 400 kV between Agios Stefanos HVAC and Acharnes HVAC and the 150 kV high voltage circuit 'Agios Stefanos-Chalkidona-Olympic Village.

However, the system is still likely to face difficult conditions due to high temperatures, high demand and additional problems that may arise from fires. Demand, according to forecasts, is expected to move to record levels today, close to 11,000 megawatts, while wholesale electricity prices are also at high levels. Large electricity consumers (industries) are also ready for cuts in electricity demand.

The good news comes after five areas of Attica had problems with electricity supply  on Tuesday night, as the fire has put out of operation important parts of the power transmission system.

Specifically, the problems were located in parts of the areas of Varybobi-Thrakomakedones, Kryoneri, Ilion-Petroupoli and Peristeri, where two Medium Voltage lines were shut down on Tuesday earlier in the day


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