The Evzones sweat it out in 40+ degree heat (PHOTOS)


Athens is burning and the Evzones are still guarding motionless, under these high temperatures, at the monument of the Unknown Soldier in Syntagma.

Every hour the Evzones change and the supervisor tries, as much as possible, to make their watch easier, giving them water and wiping their sweat.

Due to the heat, there are no tourists in the area as we are used to seeing during the summer months.

The Evzones are proud and standing in the heat - Sputnik Greece

The supervisor is trying to make the watchtower easier for the Evzones - Sputnik Greece

Wipes their sweat - Sputnik Greece

Evzonas stands under the heat - Sputnik Greece
Image Credit: Sputnik Hellas.

The heat wave continues in Greece, with successive days of temperatures in the mid-40’s.

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