Injured firefighters and civilians rushed to hospital


An injured firefighter, four volunteer firefighters, and five civilians were taken to hospitals on Thursday evening as reported by Greek authorities.

A firefighter  injured in the battle against the ongoing fire at Kryoneri in north Attica was hospitalised at the 251 Air Force General Hospital, while the volunteer firefighters needed intubation whilst two more had slight injuries.

Meanwhile five civilians were being treated at KAT hospital in Athens.

Three of these came from the north Attica area of Drossopigi, and two from the area of Kryoneri.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias has ordered that Sismanogleio hospital in Athens to stay on rolling duty, with the same instructions for the Burns & Plastic Surgery Clinic at KAT hospital.

Two paramedic motorcycles, one mobile medical unit and 7 ambulances of the National Emergency Response Ambulance Service (EKAV) are on standby in north Attica.

The hospitals Ippokratio, Erythros Stavros and Thriasio are all on rolling duty in Attica in the evening and overnight Thursday.


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