FlyManoloFly: Greek Pole Vaulter Karalís Provides 'Favourite Moment' of Olympic Games 2021


An ecstatic Emmanouíl Karalís placed fourth in the men's pole vault at the Tokyo Olympic Games on Tuesday this week.

21 year old Karalís (aka Manolo) finished tied for 4th, exceeding the 5m80 mark and proving to be a serious contender against his opponents in a competition where Sweden's Armand Duplantis won gold.

However it was not just the incredible sporting prowess of the Greek athlete that has captured the heart of fans all over the world, but his ongoing displays of humility and gratitude, bringing a tear to the eye of many spectators.

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Born in Athens on 20 October 1999, the world champion pole vaulter was over the moon when he qualified for the Olympic Games at the end of July this year.

"Who would have known that this kid," Karalís shared ecstatically, "will be competing at the BIGGEST sporting event in the world.


Emmanouíl Karalís
Emmanouíl Karalís: "I made it."

Consistently breaking records throughout his fledgling career, Greek pole vaulter Emmanuel Karalís reaches for new heights every day.

On February 13, 2016, Karalís wrote his name into the international athletics record books.

With his jump of 5.53m at Athens' Peace and Friendship Stadium, the Greek pole vaulter eclipsed the previous junior world record of 5.51m, held previously by Germán Chiaraviglio of Argentina since 2004.

A couple of months later, he did it again, registering a clearance of 5.54m at the Jablonec Indoor Gala, Czech Republic, in March.

FlyManoloFly Emannuel Karalis

The son of a Greek decathlete father and a Ugandan long-jumper mother who he describes as "always being by my side", Karalís has seemingly always been destined for a career as an athlete.

In addition to the pole vault, he has also excelled in taekwondo, basketball and football.

When Karalís qualified for the Olympic Games finals last weekend, clearing an astounding height of  5.75 meters (18.86 feet), he could not contain his excitement.

"May you be able to feel how I feel right now!" was his message at the time to supporters.



Emmanuel Karalís: "May you be able to feel how I feel right now! I AM IN THE FINAL OF THE OLYMPIC GAMES!"

The day before the Olympic Games final, Karalís expressed his solidarity with fans and his ongoing gratitude for their support, which he said he hoped would give him the strength to soar to new heights.

"The biggest moment of my sports life has arrived and I live it with you," was Karalís' message on Monday. "I will compete tomorrow Tuesday 2 August at 13.00 in Greek time, in the final of the Olympic Games.

"The coat of arms in my heart is your love. I hope it raises me even higher. Thank you."

The exhilaration of Karalís' performance at the Olympic Games competition final was captured in a video that he shared with  his followers.

Eurosport Greece congratulated Karalís and also shared the highlights of his performance in a video on Twitter.

It was however, Karalís' touching gesture after this phenomenal performance, that moved the world.

The young athlete wanted to thank two people who mean the most to him.

On the back of his bib, Karalis decided to write a note to his parents: "Thank you Mom + Dad".

A "thank you mom and dad" that moved many Internet users on the web.

This simple gesture filled with sweetness, at Karalís' first Olympic Games, is the 'stuff' that provides the magic of which the Olympic Games is made.

"I wanted to share my dream with you," writes Karalís to his parents when he later shared a photo capturing the moment.

"You made it yours, too. The gold medal of your love is in my heart."

The touching tribute has been pegged by Tweeters as one of the favourite moments of the Olympic Games.

After the Olympic Games final event, Karalís further demonstrated his gratitude to all who have supported him with another heartfelt message.

"So I am now a 4th place Olympic winner!

After such a difficult year following my injuries and of course, the pandemic, it was hard to believe that this would be possible.

So you can understand the overwhelming joy and incredible gratitude which I feel.

I have the most amazing team behind me and the most supportive fans.

I couldn't have done it without the strength and positive energy I receive from y'all!


Amongst the first photos shared by Karalís after his amazing achievements was one with his parents and his twin sister Angeliki, the family who means so much to him.

"Family over everything," reads the caption by the young Olympian.

Karalis' thank you note to his parents was not the only message that he shared throughout his events that truly captured the spirit of the Olympic Games.

Another message that he shared with the world was that of 'equality.'

The remarkable character traits of Karalís were clear to Greek City Times well before the Olympic Games when we interviewed him exclusively earlier this year in May about the launch of his new clothing line.

His shared his message of equality with us at the time, a message which provides the very fabric of his new brand FlyManoloFly - premium streetwear made in Greece.

Dear People,

I am Manolo. I am born free. Born equal. It's in my very nature. I stand for who I am. I have dreams and a strong will. Don't put a label on me. Don't show me your rules. I will ignore them. Whatever walls you build, I will tear them down.

I am here to experience life and get the most out of it. I search, I try, I curate, I inspire. I feel.

I choose what I want in my world, I go beyond your expectations. I am wide awake, and hopefully so are you. Let's speak as equals, I dare you. Come out. Are you with me? Let's shape this world together. Let's make it our mission.

Positive change my friend.

Enjoy my new clothing line. It is made in Greece with premium fabrics, passion and imagination.



“FMF is my life motto,” Karalis told Greek City Times in May.

“It stands for FlyManoloFly and describes something I keep saying to myself over and over again. It describes my need to always move forward, to constantly progress... my need to fly.”

“I believe we are all born with it. With invisible ‘wings’ that, even if we learn to forget, are there, and if we believe it, they make us fly.”

After many years in professional sports, from exhausting trainings to long-awaited successes, quite a few disappointments and some celebrations, Karalís told Greek City Times that he has  learned to live with the dream to always reach higher, not to give up, to try again and again until he finally “makes it”.

The outstanding performance at the Olympic Games 2021 final will not be the last we see of the talented Greek athlete, of this Karalis is certain.

'Thank you for changing my life," he says simply.

"See you in 3 years."

Greek City Times would like to say a huge congratulations this incredible Greek athlete, a man who in addition to his amazing sporting accomplishments has managed to capture the true spirit of the Olympic Games and hearts all over the world.

May you always #FlyManoloFly.

FlyManoloFly: Greek Pole Vaulter Emmanouíl Karalís Soars to New Heights with Launch of Clothing Line

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