Thrakomakedones evacuated, as northern Attica fires fan out for a fourth day

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A large fire front is heading to Agios Stefanos, a suburb north of Athens, currently burning the Pefkofito settlement in the north of it, while it has reached the outer edges of Stamata, south of it, the Fire Brigade said on Friday evening. Rodopoli and Stamata are being evacuated.

Firefighters are trying to put it out by ground and air forces, while police is removing residents of the areas and of settlements under an earlier evacuation order.

The front is part of the fire that broke out across from Afidnes, east of Varybobi and west of the national highway. The fire reached the national highway, moved north to Kapandriti and then turned south, nearly reaching the water reservoir of Limni Marathona.

Three more fronts are raging uncontrollably, at homes in Afidnes, Kryoneri and Ippokratios Politia, all of which have been evacuated.

The community of Thrakomakedones in northern Attica has been ordered to evacuate towards Acharnes via Kimis Avenue, as a fire front that started near Tatoi airport is approaching the area, the Fire Brigade said on Friday evening.

This fire front is also approaching the area of Olympic Village, where firefighters have created a bold patch to try to stop the fire on its tracks.

The alert was sent via the Emergency European number 112.

Another fire, which broke out at the Ano Liossia neighborhood of Athens, burning low brush, is approaching the edge of Pikilon Oros, and is being fought by large ground and air firefighters.