Greek City Times Music: GCT Official Playlists by Niki Glinellis

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Greek City Times presents to you our new GCT Official Playlists - updated daily by Greek music collaborator Niki Glinellis.

Sharing her passion with Greek music fans worldwide, Niki brings to you all of the tunes from Greece as soon as they are released, as well as hot remixes plus some of her own favourites.

“Music is a gift, it’s the voice of our souls. It can help motivate, relax and communicates what words are not often able to as effectively,” says the music maestra.

“I love making people happy and music makes me happy."

“I am beyond fortunate to be able to share this happiness through Greek City Times,” Niki says about her latest musical project.

Niki Glinellis GCT Playlists Greek Music

Niki’s love for music has been running through her veins since birth.

Both Niki and her family have memories of her in front of the television, toy tambourine in hand at the age of about 4 years old, dancing to Glykerias’ ‘Live in Likavito’ concert, and singing to her song “piga se maggises.”

The tracks, for Niki, touch her soul, she says, with all different types of love and memories, as music does for us all; flooding us with memories of childhood, family, trips to Greece, some really amazing times and some really hard times too.

Niki’s compilations bring together all of your favourite Greek music, from your most beloved Greek artists, in the one place.

All that’s left for you to do is to press ‘play’ and enjoy.

Find two GCT Official Playlists by Niki Glinellis here:

GCT New Greek Music: Sounds of Summer 2021

Live in L0ckdown: Ft. Internationally Acclaimed Bouzouki Player Tommy Tsonis

Live in L0ckdown: Ft. Beats by Bongo Ang, Primo Percussionist

Live in L0ckdown: Ft. the Sultry Sounds of Tina Kokkalis

Live in L0ckdown: Ft. Klarino Soloist Theo Skaltsas

Live in L0ckdown: with Lefteris Ganas ft. Thanasis Plarinos