Airplane crashes in Zakynthos during firefighting efforts

plane crash

A Petzetel firefighting plane has crashed in Zakynthos overnight during  operations to put out fires that broke out on the island.

According to the Fire Brigade, the pilot survived the crash and was picked up by other firefighters.

The aircraft was one of a pair dispatched to assist firefighters in the Lagopodo-Macherado area, where 24 firefighters are operating with 7 fire trucks.

Meanwhile authorities report that the fires that broke out in forest areas in the villages of Lithakia and Macherado in Zakynthos are in decline.

A total of 20 firefighters with 10 vehicles battled with the fires, while the contribution of volunteer groups in the area was significant.

Aerial support in the firefighting efforts played a significant role in putting the fires under control as  the fire in the area of ​​Kiliomenos burnt a forest area in steep ravines which made the ground fire extremely difficult to deal with.


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