“Come to your Census” says Greek Australian Superstar Effie

"Come to your Census" says Greek Australian Superstar Effie 1

Australia’s much loved actress/comedienne Mary Coustas recently mobilised her alter ego, self-described Virgin gold-digging superstar Effie, in an effort to highlight the importance of Greek Australians partaking in the National Census.

In a hilarious but highly informative interview entitled “Come to your Census” with Father Gerasimos from St George Greek Orthodox Rose Bay, Sydney , superstar Effie reminds viewers of the importance and historical presence of Greeks in Australia, which starts with the arrival of the first Greek convicts in the early 19th century,  followed by  later waves of Greek immigrants who made Australia their home and weaved their own magic into the multicultural fabric of the country.

"Come to your Census" says Greek Australian Superstar Effie 2
Further into their conversation Effie and Father Gerasimos discuss identity  and language issues that most Greek Australians and migrants for that matter have had to struggle with, in the context of mainstream society and remind us how important it is to make our presence felt in the Census data as well.



TO START THE CENSUS, CLICK HERE: 2021 Census (abs.gov.au)