Fire in Evia: Viral photo of shocked woman painted in the style of Munch's "Scream"

Konstantinos Tsakalidis evia

The shocking photo of the 81-year-old woman touching her heart and closing her eyes as everything around her in Evia burns is making the rounds of the internet and has gone viral with a comparison to a famous Norwegian artist.

Through this shot, photographer Konstantinos Tsakalidis perfectly captured the sadness, pain and despair of the inhabitants of northern Evia during this tragic time.

kavgievboia Evia

In fact, there are many who liken the image of the tragic woman in black to the eloquent "Scream" painting by the Norwegian expressionist artist Edvard Munch.


The well-known cartoonist Christos Papanikos turned the shocking photo by Konstantinos Tsakalidis into an artwork with the aesthetics of Munch's "Scream".

(Από φωτογραφία του κ. Κώστα Τσακαλίδη)

Posted by Χρήστος Παπανίκος - σκίτσα onMonday, August 9, 2021

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