"STOP THE FAKE NEWS" demands Greek government spokesperson accused of holidaying in Cuba during fires


Greek Government spokesperson Aristotelia Peloni demanded the immediate cessation of 'fake news' circulating on the internet about the fires and the suggestion that she has been holidaying in Cuba during this period.

"Stop the fake news at last! We are all here and I categorically deny anything else. At this critical time, it is the choice of the government for the information to be operational and to be done by Mr. Hardalias twice a day " she said, hoping to clarify why her perceived absence might have been exploited by anti-government circles.

In another post, Peloni adds: "Please stop spreading false news about Cuba and other nonsense. Now is the time for battle. We'll deal with the rest another time".


peloniAs the misinformation battle ignites, Port Authority (PA) officials and Greek Rescue teams are checking beaches on the island of Evia,  in case there are any more evacuees.

According to reports, 23 people were evacuated from various beaches, and were transported to Pefki, the northernmost part of the island away from the fires.

As Greek news agency ANA reported,  three PA ships, two ships and two vessels of the Hellenic Navy, ferries, private and fishing vessels are on standby on the western shore of Evia.